Update at 2:20pm on Thursday: Another fab night in Swanage. We had a big outdoor quiz and had a competition to protect eggs being thrown out of the window!  Tuck shop was open, who knew that you could fit 20 jelly snakes in a paper bag!! Today was filled with a historical town trail with the children map reading and leading the way, more paddling and ice cream and lots of rock pooling and crabbing. Off back to the center for a swim and a campfire now. See you all tomorrow.

Update at 10.40pm on Tuesday: Another lovely day in Swanage. Lots of walking, paddling and ice- cream eating. After tomorrow, everybody will have had the chance to Kayak across Studland Bay, in the shadow of Old Harry's Rocks. Check your letter box for a more personal update. 10.30pm and all's quiet so far...

Update at 7.25am on Tuesday: All was quiet by 11pm. Everyone now up and showered and ready to go. Earliest noise was heard at about 5.30am!!

Update at 5.15pm on Monday: The sun is shining and we’ve all been in the pool. We’ve all made our beds and are ready for an evening of adventure!!

Update at 4.00pm on Monday: Year 6 have arrived safely in Swanage!




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