Senior Leadership Team

Name Main Role
Mrs Shacklady Headteacher
Mrs Loomes Deputy Head teacher
Mrs Clarke Inclusion and Pastoral Manager

Inclusion Team

Name Main Role
Mrs Clarke Inclusion and Pastoral Manager
Mrs Brennan Family Support Worker
Mrs Clancy HLTA/ Teaching Assistants
Mrs Craddock HLTA/ Teaching Assistants
Mrs Charman HLTA/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smart HLTA/ Teaching Assistants
Mrs Horspool HLTA/ Teaching Assistants


Name Main Role
Mrs Fallady EYFS Lead/ Class Teacher
Miss Labrum Class Teacher
Miss Robinson Class Teacher
Mrs Morgan HLTA
Mrs Greaves Teaching Assistants
Mrs Charman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kelly Teaching Assistant
Mrs Thomas Teaching Assistant

KS1 Team

Name Main Role
Miss Walker Class Teacher
Mrs Wilson Class Teacher
Mrs Thompson Class Teacher
Mrs Hollingshurst Class Teacher
Mrs Holdsworth Class Teacher
Miss Thompson Class Teacher
Mrs Clancy HLTA
Mrs Horspool Teaching Assistant
Mrs Drummond Teaching Assistant
Mrs Perry Teaching Assistant
Mrs Freeman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Whitehead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Webb Teaching Assistant

KS2 Team

Name Main Role
Mrs Warren Class Teacher
Mrs Toms Class Teacher
Mrs Turvey Class Teacher
Mrs Ripley Class Teacher
Mr Stockham Class Teacher
Mrs Sandhu Class Teacher
Miss Lawton Class Teacher
Mrs Scott Class Teacher
Mr England Class Teacher
Mrs Fountain Class Teacher
Mrs Skett Class Teacher
Mrs Ward Class Teacher
Mrs Craddock HLTA/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs Biggs HLTA/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jolley HLTA/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Stanton Teaching Assistant
Ms Reece Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Stanton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Pettinger Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smart Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hooda Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hilless Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anslow Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bastin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bromilow Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Name Main Role
Mrs Alexander School Business Manager
Mrs Britton Finance Assistant
Mrs Crisp Office Assistants
Mrs Dabrowski Office Assistants
Mrs Hall Office Assistants

Midday supervisors

Name Main Role
Mrs Osman Midday supervisors
Mrs Salmaso Midday supervisors
Mrs Shaw Midday supervisors
Mrs Minney Midday supervisors
Mrs Lloyd Midday supervisors
Mrs Lawrence-Harris Midday supervisors
Miss Langdon Midday supervisors
Ms Ellis Midday supervisors
Mrs Church Midday supervisors
Miss Buckley Midday supervisors
Mrs Anderson Midday supervisors

Premises Staff

Name Main Role
Mr Mustard Site Supervisor
Mrs Shelswell Cleaner
Miss Sanders Cleaner
Miss Minney Cleaner
Miss Horne Cleaner
Mrs Minney Cleaner
Mrs Buckingham Cleaner
Mrs Church Cleaner
Mrs Salmaso Cleaners