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In Computing, we use the iCompute curriculum to ensure that our pupils are offered a progressive curriculum, where skills are revisited, developed and extended year on year.

Units are carefully scaffolded to develop technical programming skills, an understanding of computer systems and networks as well as the ability to present information or create media. Teacher’s subject knowledge and confidence is supported through the teaching resources and guides which run alongside each unit plan. Lessons are amended and adapted to tailor learning to pupil needs; ensuring children are supported to keep up with learning within all units.

Whilst recognising the benefits that technology brings, children are taught about the risks that the technological world can present. They learn strategies to ensure safe and positive experiences whilst online at an age- appropriate level both through discrete Online Safety units and throughout the Computing curriculum.

At EBPS, we implement the iCompute programme across the whole school; with a one hour discrete computing lesson being delivered once a week across Years 1-6. The iCompute programme is progressive across the whole school, building on prior learning and subject knowledge.

All topics covered build on the 3 core strands of the computing curriculum:

·       Computer Science

·       Information Technology

·       Digital Literacy

When children leave EBPS they will be equipped with the tools required to use technology safely and effectively in order to become life-long learners.

In order to do this they will also be able to:

Confidently code across a variety of platforms.

Have knowledge of a range of information technologies.

Show a good awareness of digital literacy to be able to access ICT safely.


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Matt Passby

Computing is delivered to Years 1-6 through the iCompute scheme of learning. This features discrete units focusing on the 3 core strands of the Computing curriculum: computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

1 lesson of one hour per week.

Most units feature a final ‘project’ to enable children to show what they have learned.