*Please note under current conditions children do not need to bring PE kit into school and are asked to wear PE kit to school on their PE days. On other days uniform should be worn.*

We expect all of our pupils to wear school uniform as it gives a greater sense of belonging and pride.

Our uniform is available from the The Schoolwear Shop Ltd.

School Uniform

The School Policy is that all children should wear school uniform.  The uniform consists of:

  • Sweatshirt/cardigan with school badge (available from The Schoolwear Shop in Abington square, Northampton) or sweatshirt/cardigan/jumper in plain bottle green with no hood.
  • White or bottle green polo shirt with school badge (available from The Schoolwear Shop), polo shirt in plain white or bottle green (no logos or stripes), or plain white shirt/blouse.
  • Trousers/tailoredshorts/skirts/pinafore dresses in plain black or grey (no logos or stripes). Skirts and dresses should sit just above the knee and shorts should be no higher than mid-thigh.
  • Summer dresses/skirts may be worn - either green/white striped or green/white checked. Skirts and dresses should sit just above the knee.
  • Socks may be knee high or ankle length. Socks or tights should be white, bottle green, grey or black.
  • Green book bag with logo (available from The Schoolwear Shop) and PE drawstring bag.  
  • PE kit consists of white T-shirt with logo and green shorts (available from The Schoolwear Shop) – or plain white T-shirt and bottle green/black shorts but not beach or cycle shorts – plain black plimsolls or trainers.  Black or bottle green tracksuit bottoms and a plain black or bottle green sweatshirt may also be worn during winter months.
  • Fleece jackets in bottle green with logo (optional) are also available from The Schoolwear Shop.
  • Sensible well-fitting watches (not bangle type or those that can access the internet) can be worn to help children tell the time. The school takes no responsibility for these items if they are lost, damaged or broken. Watches must be removed for PE.
  • No jewellery except stud earrings may be worn in school. The school takes no responsibility for these items if they are lost, damaged, or broken. These must be removed by parents/children for all physical activities else the child will have to temporarily miss the activity.
  • Nail varnish, make-up, excessive hair gel, hair colours or braids, wristbands, tattoos or transfers should not be worn in school.  Long hair should be tied and secured for PE. Hair accessories should be in school colours and be minimalistic.


  •  As well as the above items, children are expected to wear sensible footwear – black shoes. Shoes must not have heels in excess of 2cm.
  • If a specific item needs to be worn for religious observance or a medical reason please come into school to discuss with the Headteacher.
  • All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the current owner’s name, and re-named frequently to ensure it can be clearly identified.

The intentions of adopting a school uniform policy are:

  • to give all children a sense of corporate identity - of ‘belonging’ to Earls Barton Primary School ;
  • to standardise items of clothing worn for school;
  • to maintain good levels of health and safety;
  • to maintain a neat and clean appearance that will hopefully be transferred to other aspects of children’s education;
  • to ease confrontation between parent and pupil about what should be worn to school;

These intentions will be communicated to parents and children on appropriate occasions or when the need arises.

The wearing of school uniform is not an option but an obligation. It is expected that parents and children will honour this agreement and make every effort to uphold the desired standard of dress.

Any parent experiencing problems in purchasing articles of uniform should initially contact the Office or arrange to meet with the Headteacher.


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