Request for Leave of Absence during Term Time

Dear Parent/ Carer,

The main aim of our recently reviewed Attendance Policy is to emphasise the importance of maximising attendance at school, thus enabling the children to take full advantage of their educational opportunities. This Policy will require the support of the whole family in order for this to be achieved.

In line with the Government’s own guidance on the issue of term time holidays, we have emphasised that leave for term-time holidays will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. An exceptional circumstance is likely to be a unique situation such as family weddings, serious illness of a close relative or religious celebrations. When making a request for exceptional leave please give details on the form below, or request a meeting with the head teacher/deputy head teacher to discuss the issue. Parents do not have a statutory right to leave of absence and it is the school’s decision whether or not to approve the absence.

When making the decision we will also look very carefully at your child’s academic progress and their previous attendance record. If their average attendance is below 95% it is unlikely that further absence will be authorised.

A pupil’s absence during term time can seriously disrupt their continuity of learning. Not only do they miss the teaching provided on the days they are away, they are also less prepared for the lessons building on that after their return. There is a consequent risk of under achievement, which we must all seek to avoid.

Where possible, the request should be made before the absence is taken and at least one week prior to the start of the absence. Absences may be authorized in exceptional circumstances only.

The school’s policy is not to authorize holidays from school.

When requesting an absence during term time parents/carers to consider the following:

• By missing lessons will my child fall behind or fail to make progress?

• Will missing lessons interfere with preparation for national tests?

• Has my child missed lessons during the school term due to ill health or other absences?

For further information please refer to the Department of Education website: DfE

I appreciate your support in this matter.

Miss Lally


If this request is for 5 or more days continuous leave and is not authorised it will automatically be referred to the Educational Inclusion Partnership Team where a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued. In certain circumstances parents can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice which can require a parent to pay a sum of either £60 or £120. Each parent can be issued with a notice for each child so two parents with two children can potentially be issued with four notices. 


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