We are extremely lucky to have a thriving PTA, a “Friends of the School" Association which organises many social and fund-raising activities throughout the year.  We hope all parents will support their efforts to provide extra equipment for the use of all the children.  The AGM is held in September/October and all parents are most welcome.

Despite all the restrictions over the last year the PTA still managed to raise nearly £5,000!

If you would like to play Our School Lottery, please click the link for a chance to win a jackpot of £25,000!

The clothing bin is also a way of you, our families and community, helping us continue to raise money to support our children's education.

We also have a collection of used (and, yes, even broken pens!) in the school reception area, which raises money. Please just drop any pens off. Also, if you work for a company where stationary is used, you could consider collecting their used pens for donation.

2p trail 2015Our famous 2p trail has now been running for 18 years and is still going strong. The weather was kind to us again last year enabling us to do the trail outside.The total was a fantastic £875.06 Please get busy saving all your 2ps again throughout the year and ready for next March. Panda class won the prized trophy for being able to lay out the longest trail. Who will win it next?

sponsored bounce 2015Our sponsored bounce last October raised over £2100 for school funds. 

We are looking forward to resuming fund raising, so please keep your eyes open for opportunities to support us.

Thank you!

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