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It has been just four short weeks since my last piece for the website and, as always, we have crammed in a raft of learning along with many additional exciting activities!

Year 5 turned back time and became citizens of the ancient Greek city-state of Athens. During their morning in the market place, they were able to visit the doctor and make potions to cure themselves, try their hand at the latest interior decorating craze of mosaics and many more activities. In the afternoon, there was feasting, dancing, and the opportunity to take part in, and watch, a Greek tragedy. One of the classes then used this theme to showcase their learning to their parents and peers during their class assembly in which they re-enacted The Adventures of Odysseus when he blinded Polyphemus, the fearsome cyclops. 

During this term we had a lot of fun getting involved with British Science Week. As this year's theme was 'Journeys', we looked at aerodynamics and how planes fly. Children designed their own paper aeroplanes and had competitions across the school to see who could create a plane to stay in the air the longest. 

It was soon time for us to switch our thought to our next fundraising event. Children and adults got fully involved when we raised funds for Comic Relief. School councillors sold red noses, and they were so popular we had to order more! Prior to the event the school council had asked their peers to come up with special activities to boost funds so, on the day we all paid to wear something red and in the afternoon the younger children had a toy sale whilst the older children paid to play games that were not electronic. 

The weather turned drier and warmer for year 5 children in time for them to have great fun with their Bikeability course. This is a course based on the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, teaching the necessary skills to ride confidently on today's roads. In the morning, they worked at level one. At this level, children are taught basic bike handling skills in a traffic free environment (the playground) and then, in the afternoon, children progressed to level two. This offers a real cycling experience on minor roads. It was a real pleasure to award so many certificates and badges in our recent achievement assembly, as well as receive a raft of positive feedback from parents saying how their children are so much more confident now when riding their bike.

Towards the end of spring term, we always hold two very exciting events that raise funds for our invaluable PTA. Firstly it is our traditional 2p trail, which now incorporates the 5p collecting tubes in each of the KS2 classrooms. The winning classes were Buttercup in EYFS, Crocus in KS1 and Tulip in KS2. Nearly £800 was raised! Remember it’s never too late to start collecting for next year! 

The final event before the holiday was our Easter Egg raffle. Ticket sales were brisk and we were delighted to have received an abundance of donated eggs. All that remained for us to do was draw the raffle and watch the smiling, happy faces of our children as they carried their winnings home on the last day of term.

Happy Easter everyone!

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