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As a community school with a considerable history, May could not pass without us holding our traditional May Fayre, complete with the crowning of our May Fayre King and Queen (otherwise known as James and Bethan in year 6). They regally paraded around the playground, led out by their six attendants selected from the other year groups, before being crowned by last year’s retiring Queen (Scarlett). Although the sun did not shine brightly that day, as it had earlier that week, at least it stayed dry. This meant that the country dancing could go ahead as planned. One class treated us to two maypole dances before year 3 showed off their dance routine to the song ‘I see Love’. Year 4 followed with ‘The Dashing White Sergeant’ and year 5 performed the ‘Earls Barton Reel’. Dancing displays culminated with year 6 children doing the infamous ‘Sword Dance’, which always looks spectacular. There were a host of stalls and games for visitors to spend their money at, kindly manned by staff and organised by our PTA. They had also organised for a circus to visit school so that families could see a show either before the crowning, or immediately after it. During the daytime the circus performers had wowed the children with mini shows and workshops. It was an excellent day and we are eagerly awaiting news of how much was raised in total thanks to the hard work of the PTA and the support of our parents. 

Following on from this, parents were invited in to listen to our wonderful key stage one choir. Some of our staff and key stage 2 were in the audience too and were in awe of the variety of songs that the children knew by heart. They sang with gusto and accompanied each one with actions. It was pure delight! Parents also came into school at the end of term to view our Year 2 art gallery. The children had worked so hard on their projects with some fantastic pieces on show, making us all very proud of their talents. Next it will be the turn of our lower key stage 2 children with their history projects that they have been working on at home.

Meanwhile, we continue with our regular class assemblies, which provide opportunities for children to showcase their learning to their parents and peers. Daffodil class children recently shared some of their ‘Defeat the Monster’ stories, performed poems and tested the audience on their maths skills in their assembly. They also demonstrated a science experiment, sang a song about what a plant needs in order to grow well and told everyone about the functions of each part of the plant. The assembly finished with a performance of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the Boomwhackers! 

Children in our school have many talents and we take every opportunity for these to shine out. Those who are sporty may get the opportunity to represent the school in a local competition such as these fantastic swimmers who came 3rd out of 11 schools. All of our pupils swam brilliantly and showed fantastic team spirit throughout, cheering on their team mates. See the image below of them showing off their bronze medals. 

As I write this, we have just begun the final term of this academic year and we have a few extremely busy weeks planned. In my next piece watch out for news about; a tri golf tournament; a theatre trip for year one to see ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ as a hook into their learning; our participation in the village musical extravaganza; a year five trip to Wrenn Secondary school; June Rose Day; and further class assemblies. All of this will happen before the end of June, with July events still to come!

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