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Dear All, I hope this finds everyone safe and well and enjoying the sunshine!

We have all heard that the government are pausing the move towards Step 4 of their roadmap towards normality for a month with a review in two weeks. For our school this means that the protective steps that we have taken (keeping the children in class bubbles, maintaining social distancing as far as we can and ensuring the children wash their hands frequently and thoroughly) will remain in place until we hear differently from the Department for Education. Happily we are seeing attendance remain close to 98% on most days which is just great.

As I write we are in the midst of ‘Healthy week’ and there is quidditch taking place on the field, golf, rugby, Jamie Knight’s extreme footballing skills taking place around the campus. Children (and staff) are clearly enjoying these new experiences and are learning lots of new skills too.

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Because of the significant disruption to the school year I am very keen that all of the children have an additional ‘treat’ and to this end all children in all year groups will take part in an activity linked to their learning. Children in Early Years will be visited by a local farmer who is bringing in their animals for the children to see and learn about, children in Year 2 are looking forward to a ‘History off the page’ visit cantered on their work around the Great Fire of London. Children in years 3 and 4 have had to write to me to persuade me to approve a visit to the local recreation ground….they may have been successful! Year 5 are looking forward to welcoming Northampton Town football club who will lead some fascinating work about Walter Tull and our Year 6 children are to have an activities week which will include a visit to Wicksteed park, a visitor who uses ‘Lego’ for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and a visit from ‘the reptile man’!

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Children are also learning about the ‘Walk with Amal’ which is a truly and inspiring epic voyage based around a young refugee girl.

You will have noticed that most of our pre and post school clubs are well attended and this is areal pleasure to see. DfE guidance is being followed of course.

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Mrs Clarke and I have had a number of meetings with our new Head Teacher Mrs Lally and work is well underway to ensure a smooth transition.

Year 6 children will be visiting new schools or meeting staff from new schools with the rest of the children ‘shuffling up’ on the 5th and 6th July to meet their new class teacher - more details on this nearer the time. We are really looking forward to meeting our new Early Years children and their parents and Mrs Falladay and her team are ready to welcome them to EBPS.

Very best wishes. 

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