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First of all I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2020 proves to be a successful and positive year for you and your families. The holiday provided me with time to reflect on what we have achieved as a school so far and it is pleasing to look back at the many achievements across such an array of subjects. Indeed, one of our school’s many strengths is the wide ranging curriculum and the number of opportunities our children have for extended and additional learning.

At the time of writing, we have just returned to school here at EBPS and I am pleased to hear so many wonderful stories from our children about the numerous activities they have been involved in over the holidays. Many of them attended the carol service held here in the village on Christmas Eve and some of our children took part in football and rugby competitions. It certainly sounds like they have been busy outdoors getting fresh air and lots of exercise!

We have just launched a brand-new behaviour system which is proving very popular with staff, parents and children. In short, it offers the children far more opportunities to be rewarded for their good behaviour and provides a far more consistent approach when addressing times when the children get it wrong!

A major project this term is to upgrade and improve the IT facilities for staff and children. We will be working closely with a specialist company who support a number of Northamptonshire schools and I am looking forward to seeing the impact that this will have on the children’s learning.

We are keen to develop and strengthen our links with the local library and our children will be visiting this wonderful facility over the coming weeks and months. I am sure this will support them in their reading.

One of my priorities this term is to improve further site security and this work has already begun. We are looking at automating our main school gates and hopefully we can get these works completed and installed soon.

Our Year 4 children will soon start rehearsing for their big production in February and Sycamore, Poppy and Bluebell classes will soon be busy preparing their class assemblies.

As you can see the term ahead looks as busy as ever and I am really looking forward to more success and great learning over the forthcoming Spring term.

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